Today as I was making the hour and a half drive from Madison to Milwaukee, I started to think about a question that the wise Mary Oliver once asked; “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

When any sort of opportunity to travel or try something new presents itself to me, I always jump in headfirst. I feel like I am constantly and aggressively pursuing new adventures and experiences. I seek out knowledge and skills that I think will be useful in life. I feel as though I am endlessly preparing for life’s journey. And just as one journey ends, another begins. I want to go on as many adventures as I can and ride every wave life throws at me. I think that so many people have these life-plans of finishing school, starting a career, getting married, making a family etc. ad nauseam. For me, this straight-forward life path is incredibly boring and undesirable. 


When I envision myself at age 50, I see a flash of myself with a shaven head and big smile meditating in a garden in Nepal. I see myself teaching children about sexual education and gender equality in a school in Sub-Saharan Africa. I see myself in a cozy cottage, grandchildren running around. There are a zillion places I may end up, some unconventional and some a bit more normal. I am not exactly sure where I am going, but I know where I want to end up- a happy, honest woman who knows exactly who she is. The destination for me is becoming the woman that I see as whole. Living the lifestyle that I want for myself. The destination is being able to accept, embrace and become love. To be non-judgmental of both others and myself. I want to live a life with integrity in every action. I want to live a life filled with truth, wholeness, right intent, adventure and friendships.