December 19

Last night I wrote in the final page of my current journal that I have been keeping since July. This seems appropriate as so many things are ending at the same time. The semester for one is almost over- just one more exam to go! Today is the last day that I am 20 years old. I am moving out of my current, lovely apartment into a new condo. The world is supposed to end in a few days, but I’m willing to bet that 12/21/12 is just a beginning, at least for me!

My winter break will be starting and it is sure to bring many new surprises and plot twists that I have never even imagined. My boyfriend is meeting my entire family (can you say intimidating?). In less than a month I will begin training to become an EMT. I will also be taking 3 journalism classes which surely will offer new inspirations and ideas about what it is I want to do in the future. New condo, new journal, new semester, new year.

I am more than excited to be on the threshold of transition. A lot of people despise change and hope to stay exactly as they are in their comfortable little world. For me, change is what I live for. I have my eyes open, looking out for ways to evolve and transform into a better, more open person.